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A proud client of KRK Lexington Pass since 2007
L=Love-From the staff to the teachers to the lunch lady there is love shown constantly and expressed in words and action for my children. The staff and teachers appear to love their job and each other as a family. They are commited to meeting the emotional needs of my children and I often witness their gentle acts of kindness whether it is a hug, time holding them or just playing with them. I am so grateful for the little ways they show love for my daughter sometimes just fixing her hair, playing dress up or giving her rewards for positive behavior. My son loves the hugs and smiley faces that greet him each day and throughout. My kids are happy to go to their teachers each morning and on those days when they want their mommy, their teachers are skilled at helping with separation anxiety and I feel confident that moments after I am out of site…they are enjoying themselves. E=Excellence in Education- National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) accredited! Need I say more? Their commitment to provide exceptional, quality care, education and direction for my children is remarkable. Their goal is to prepare my kids for basic essentials and milestones, kindergarten and the challenges ahead. Their curriculum is proven effective. They have creative and fun learning experiences. My daughter enjoys the field trips to the farm and to the playground. X=Xtra mile-they display the willingness and effort to go the extra mile in communicating upcoming events, community activities as well and specific and individualized information regarding my childrens’ needs, issues, and experiences. They call me often and I appreciate it! I=Inviting- The staff, directors and teachers are very warm and inviting, pleasantly greeting us each day on arrival. And I can’t forget the delicious home-made cookies on Friday afternoons. Yummmmm! N=Nurturing- I have met almost all the teachers. Each one has been genuinly interested in the well-being of both my kids. Each has been kind and caring. Some have provided advice and direction that has helped me personally as a parent. They are a “family” and they treat one another and their student’s families as such. G=Genuine-I sincerely appreciate the genuiness of the KRK Lexington Pass family. I believe they genuinely care about the personal well-being of each of my children. T=Teachers-The teachers are all well qualified, certified and excellent at educating the specific age groups that they instruct. Their desire is for my children to thrive. My son’s nursery teacher has been committed to her role as a nursery program provider for 10 years at Lexington Pass. What commitment and dedication! She has so much experience and is well-loved by all the parents of the kids that were in her class over the years. I trusted her and her co-teachers completely with my son as an infant. I often relied on her knowledge and experience to help relieve my concerns as a parent and took her advice. O=Owners-Steve and Deb are committed, compassionate, devoted to my kids and the overall day to day operations of the facility. They are heavily involved and it is a pleasure to see them there every day. N=Neat-as in clean, organized, and orderly. The state of the art facility is well-maintained inside and out, again primarily attributed to the owners constant attention to detail and the director and staff commitment to meeting and exceeding the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) accreditations requirements. P=Passionate-the owners, director, staff and teachers are all very passionate about their commitment to love, protect, and prepare my children for the future and take the time to get regular feedback from the us, the parents, as to our kid’s needs, issues and how we feel our children are progressing. A=Activities-The weekly schedule is loaded with a wide variety interesting activities including-Spanish language, music and movement time, great playgrounds onsite, and the water-sprinkler time during the summer. In addition they have several optional activities from dance class (which my daughter loves), Play Ball, Mozart Music, Gymnastics etc…. S=Security-I appreciate their endless practice to keep my kids safe and secure. There is no chance an unauthorized person is going to pick up my kids without my permission. My niece goes by a nickname, not on her ID and even though she was on my “authorized” pick-up list, since I had not notified them of this detail…I received a phone call to confirm my wishes. Some may think that “a bother”…I was impressed and appreciated their effort to resolve it. One of my absolute favorite features are the in-room cameras that allow me to watch my kids throughout the day. It was one of the selling points when I was shopping for a daycare center. I can’t wait for the day when it has “sound” . S=Safety- Their attention to detail and constant communication regarding my children’s safety is impressive and imperative. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.
Jill Cuestas - GA
Our family highly recommeds KRK39
Last year my then three-year-old son, Stephen, was attending another daycare facility where he was very unhappy. He did not receive the individual attention I thought he deserved. In fact, the last time I picked him up from that facility I found him sitting at a table by himself in the dark crying. As a parent this broke my heart. It is tough enough to be at work all day away from both of my kids but even tougher when you know one of them is not happy. I immediately went to KRK39 and was promptly greeted and introduced to one of the owners, Debbie Webb. She probably doesn’t remember but I had tears in my eyes because I was so upset at having just picked my son up from the other facility. She was so friendly and very genuine, taking about an hour to meet with me and take me on an on-the-spot tour of her facility. I was very impressed to say the least. What a change to be told I would receive a daily progress report; the building looked clean and did not smell like dirty diapers; and the kids all seemed to be having a great time. We immediately moved by son into daycare at KRK39 on a part time basis. By the beginning of the 2009-2010 school year he was four-years-old and ready for Pre K (in the private Pre K because of his age) and started full time. Since this was his first year attending school full time I was concerned about the transition but it turned out we could not have found a better school or teacher. His teacher genuinely cared a great deal for each child, which was demonstrated daily by the enthusiasm they showed when entering her classroom and running to hug her. Not only is this comforting to a parent but it helped create an environment where the children were willing to listen and eager to learn. My son was happy to spend his school day at KRK39. His teacher and the KRK39 staff kept in continuous communication with us throughout the school year and provided honest feedback that proved to be very helpful. The teachers have demonstrated a strong understanding of the children’s behaviors and knew how to work best with each of them to achieve their academic goals. My child grew tremendously in his Pre K class both in his personality by learning to work with and share with other children; and academically by making huge strides such as learning to write his name, identifying hundreds of site words and even reading books on his own. My son is now five and in the Public Pre-K class for the 2010-2011 academic year and enjoying every minute of it. He again has great teachers who give all the children the attention they deserve while providing strong academic instruction. We’re looking forward to a great year! My daughter, Lauren, who is eight-years-old attends camp at KRK39 during school breaks and over the summer! She really enjoys all the exciting activities and field trips . . . and especially enjoys water day! Our family highly recommends KRK39!!
Kristen Soriano - GA
Proud member of the family since 2007!
As a first-time mommy,it was hard enough preparing myself to return to work yet alone prepare myself to allow someone else to care for my then 8-week-old baby girl. From the first morning when I left in tears, each member of the Kids R Kids staff at Lexington Pass in Peachtree City has continued to provide me with the absolute certainty that my child is not just being `watched`, she is being loved, nurtured, and molded. She is now a vibrant, energetic 2-year-old. Steve and Debbie are truly committed to providing a center that is the model of excellence. This is evident in the dedicated staff - many of whom also have their own children at the center. My husband and I have true peace of mind knowing that our precious little girl is growing and learning each day in an environment that is full of laughter and love. Thank you, Steve and Debbie, for your servant spirits that allow you and your team of remarkable teachers to pour yourselves into our children every day.
Belinda Biles - GA
Love, love, love Kids R Kids
I was very nervous about taking my child out of a small,at home day care setting. However, after my initial tour of Kids R Kids on Lexington Pass in Peachtree City, I immediately felt the warmth of the surroundings and the professionalism and caring of the staff. I was sold. My oldest son loved it and learned so much. He`s currently in kindergarten but returns to Kids R Kids for their after school program. My youngest son still attends Kids R Kids and loves it. As a middle school teacher myself, I absolutely love Kids R Kids and am 100% pleased with the teachers, the owners ( who are always on site), and the level of learning and fun that goes on daily. Thank goodness for Kids R Kids on Lexington Pass. It`s a blessing to know that your children are safe and in great hands each day.
Marleigh Whiteman - GA
Very Satisied First-time parents!!!!
Our daughter was in a at home daycare, as the only child, for the first 2yrs of her life. We were very weary of daycare centers and heard so many horror stories. We like other first-time parents only wanted the very best learning environment for our daughter. I was aware of this Kids R Kids location and decided to check it out. Prior to enrolling our daughter, we took a tour and were impressed with the facility and how it operated. We were moved by the levels of educational degrees that the teachers have who teach the children. We appreciated the fact that the classes were multi-cultural and that it was equipped with cameras to assist in easing the tension parents like ourselves had. We also felt a sense of safety there. Well, needless to say, we have been very satisfied since our daughter enrolled. She has gained a level of independence and knowledge that I credit this Kids R Kids for. Having daily collaboration with the teachers and staff as well as spending personal time with your child (ren) you will see, as we have seen your child (ren), blossom to a level that will make them promising future leaders of tomorrow. Thank you Kids R Kids on Lexington Pass for giving our daughter a head start :)
Eric and Cynthia Kirk - GA
A great place to play and learn
When searching for child care for my daughter, I visited several facilities, but none made me feel as welcome and comfortable as Kids R Kids. The teachers are caring and dedicated, the directors are professional and understanding, and the owners are on-site daily to oversee the quality of the care provided. I drive out of my way each day to be able to leave my daughter somewhere I feel that she is safe, loved, and nurtured each day. Thank you Kids R Kids!
Hope Via - GA
Kids R Kids is AMAZING
Our three year old son has been at the Lexington Pass Kids R Kids for 5 months. We were nervous about sending him to a day care facility as he had only been in an in-home day care situation previously. To say the least, we have been thoroughly impressed. The staff is beyond friendly. They consistently impress us with the way they know each child on a personal level. Our son`s teachers are professional and engaging. He has learned so much in the last few months. We are both teachers, so we sincerely appreciate all the hard work that goes into their teaching and curriculm planning. We have also been impressed with the cleanliness of the facility and the organization of everything. We have yet to experience anything even remotely negative at Kids R Kids on Lexington Pass.
Mark & Laura Kienast - GA
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